Common Mistakes To Be Avoided By Graphic Designers

Graphic designing is an often underestimated yet important part of any business all over the globe. Any business would need some sort of graphic designing at some point of time. Whether be it designing their logos, marketing materials such as brochures, flyers, posters, etc or designing the entire branding of the business, the role of graphic designing cannot be neglected. Most importantly, it helps your audience to resonate with your brand by creating an effective brand identity for your business. It’s no more an unknown fact that the businesses that touch the heart of their audiences rule the market. That’s why graphic designing in Melbourne and other parts of the world has started gaining popularity.

Graphic designing is an art that constitutes some serious and strategic thoughts and innovations by graphic designers. Their primary role is to ensure that their final designs match the desired designs. The role of graphic designers is crucial for any business as they are entrusted with designing the identity of the business that is seen by the masses. Thus, being a graphic designer, you cannot leave any ambiguity in your creation that can create severe consequences for your client company.

Read this article till the end as it discusses some common graphic designing mistakes that graphic designers should take care of.

Spelling And Grammatical Errors

It is advised to check your document for spellings and grammatical errors before submitting it. Moreover, while creating a design for the public, such a mistake could bring an adverse impact on your brand. Such negligence is a sign of unprofessionalism that could make the customers apprehensive of engaging with your company.

Using Too Many Fonts

If you use too many fonts to create any poster, logo, brochure or any design for the company’s marketing purpose, then it may leave a wrong impression in the minds of the audiences. Cluttering your design with unnecessary fonts makes the design look extra dramatic and ruins its simplicity.

Bad Colour Combination

Consult with the owners or the management of the company before you select a colour scheme for the brand. The designers should understand the company’s work from the owner or the management of the company as they would be able to guide you about the brand’s personality the best.

Using Free Stock Pictures

Several inexperienced designers use free stock photos in their designs that is a bad idea. Instead, it is better to purchase photos and then work on them so that the chances of them being duplicated are minimized.

Ignoring White Space

Adjusting the white or empty space between the letters is necessary to make the text look effective and appealing. It should be done with care and attention because any mistake in this can change the appearance and meaning of a text. This also creates a negative brand image among the people.


So, if you offer your services for graphic designing in Melbourne or any part of the world, keep these points in consideration. Being a graphic designer, you must be alert while showing your creativity so that your job can be a deal maker for your company.