Logos are an integral part of any business. It can be considered as the cornerstone of a good organization or a brand. It can be daunting to design but it is the very first thing that your audience looks at.

A creatively made logo is capable of explaining your business to the people. In addition, it also reflects your brand identity when used in social posts, marketing materials, business cards and more.

But the most difficult part is to find a logo designer who can understand the real essence of your business and showcase it in the logo.

That’s where Freshy Designs comes in!

With our high-end experience in the field of graphics design in Melbourne and other parts of the world, we strive to create eye-catchy to communicate your brand value clearly to the target audience worldwide. Our experts work for making impactful designs for your business and that is the strength of our company.

So, today we have brought some tips that we encourage you to follow while designing a logo for your business.

Let’s get started!

Know The Brand

Before setting out to design a logo, make sure that you know the insights of the brand. A logo must connect to a particular set of people i.e., the target market and target customers. Keeping this in mind, write down what your brand, business and market are all about. Note down the brand ideology and inspirations it holds for the future.

Impression Is Important

Your logo design should create a lasting impression on your customers. This means that just a glance at your logo is enough to mesmerize people. The logo helps a company attract its customers again and again and convert them into loyal clients. To create a powerful impression, make sure to make a unique logo based on the new concept to make it stand out in the competition.

Choose Colors In A Planned Way

Colours play a significant role in determining a brand’s message. Generally, it is advised to use blood and bright colours to grab the attention of audiences. But make sure that these colours speak about your brand personality as well. In a logo, every colour evokes an emotion, which becomes its message to the viewers and customers.

At Freshy Designs, we smartly use the science behind colours for creating beautiful graphics design in Melbourne.

Make It Simple and Scalable

When we speak of a simple logo, it implies that it uses only one or two colours, fonts and other elements. Putting too many colours can confuse the viewers by giving mixed signals about your business. This is the reason that most of the global businesses keep their logos simple.

Easy Scalability is another quality of a great logo design. You need to keep in consideration that your logo will feature a variety of advertisements. When it is scaled up to larger proportions like on a billboard, the logo should look impressive. Similarly, by printing the logo on a smaller surface of the promotional products like a pen or a cup, the logo details must still be clearly visible.


The above-mentioned tips have been widely used by the experts while creating beautiful and creative graphics design in Melbourne and the rest part of the world. But if you want to take your logo designing to the next level, feel free to contact us. Our experts work in close association with the clients to deliver exactly what they expect from us.